18 Men’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

by Rocky River Hair Cuts for Men's Fashion, men's grooming

Men’s fashion doesn’t change that much, but there are some items are no longer in style that men need to remove from their closets. As we mentioned in dressing for work, there are some men’s fashion items that are outdated, look sloppy and do not represent modern styles. Some of these items (cargo shorts) might be really hard to part with, but they need to be removed from men’s closets. There are also some basic grooming tips that go along the fashion tips that help today’s man be presentable at work, going out with friends and family and just going out running errands:

  • Plastic flip-flops should only be for the beach and not every day or going out wear. This also includes sports sandals, such as Adidas flip flops. Leather flip flops are nice paired with jeans. Reserve the woven, slip on shoe for dressier occasions.
flip flops for men

It is time to remove cargo shorts from the wardrobe. This might be hard as this style has been a favorite for men for a few decades. These shorts are baggy and not flattering to any body shape.

Say no to men's cargo shorts
  • If you must carry more than a phone and wallet, use a man-bag crossover.
Calvin Klein UK Man Bag
  • Overly baggy clothes make a man look sloppy and unkempt. Men’s oversized jackets are no longer in style. Today’s men’s look is more tailored allowing them to look slim and comfortable and not big and drowning in their own clothes.
  • Board Trunks are out of fashion. There should not be pockets in swim shorts to weight them down and turn them into low riders. Swim trunks should fit around the waist and hit just above the knee.
Billabong Men's Swim Trunks
  • Reflective mirrored sunglasses are outdated. Invest in a good pair of regular sunglasses.
  • Never wear socks with sandals. This never was a good look and still isn’t.
Socks and
  • Do not wear shorts when it is 50 degrees. It is winter in Cleveland, but wearing shorts should wait until it actually warmer outside.
  • Switch up shirt colors. This is more of a reference for work clothing and wearing the same style and color of shirt every day.
  • Improper tie length is never in fashion. Ties should end at the center of his belt buckle. Having a tie that is too short or too long will make a man look incompetent.
Correct tie length
  • Unless you are going directly to the gym, do not wear sweatpants as normal day wear.
  • Excess cologne is not welcome by co-workers and family. Depending on the strength of the cologne, use it with caution. Cologne is okay for up-close, but if it can be smelled across the room, then it is too much. Limit to two sprays: one on the neck and one on the wrists.
  • For casual and dress clothing, avoid mixing too many patterns and prints together. If wearing a suit, only have two patterns. If you are wearing a patterned suit, wear a solid shirt and patterned tie. If you are wearing a solid suit, wear a patterned shirt and tie. But having a patterned tie, shirt and suit all at one time can make it look too busy. Think of complimentary shapes and patterns. Choosing a tie with a great color and pattern can make a solid suit really standout. While you are at it, wear socks with colors that complement the tie or shirt. Brown and black socks can outdate a look.
Matching socks and tie
  • Keep your facial hair well-groomed. The face is the first thing that gets noticed, so it is important to properly maintain facial hair. Keep a cleanly shaved face or keep your beard trimmed. There should not be any hair underneath your chin or on your neck area.
  • Just say no to the uni-brow. Keeping eyebrows groomed is just as important as keeping your hair on the top of the head groomed. Use a tweezer and pluck hair above the nose. Make an appointment at a men’s salon that specializes in brow waxing for professional results.
Men's unibrow
  • Manage the hair on the back of the head. If you do not get haircuts too often, use a small mirror to check the hair on the back of the neck and use a razor to shave any hair that is growing. Better yet, splurge on a hot lather neck shave for professional results.
  • Excessive amounts of hair product. Use a smaller amount of hair product that you think that you need. Too much hair product doesn’t look or feel good.
  • Unflattering hair styles have never been in fashion and never will. Consult with the stylist at Men’s Cuts to find the best hair style for you.

Men’s fashion style in Cleveland is very casual, but that doesn’t mean that certain pieces of clothing have outstayed their welcome.  If you dress well, you feel well. Doing so shouldn’t require a lot of money or effort, but it is important to do in order to put your best foot forward.